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德稻 – 渡堂海教授大师工作室的宗旨是

  1. 创建绿色生态环境和社区,实践“城市让生活更美好”,从而增加人们的“幸福居住”指数。
  2. 设计经济型和中档的生态居住项目。
  3. 降低建设成本和建设时间。
  4. 增加建筑安全系数。
  5. 与中国和全世界范围内的政府机构、开发商、制造商、工厂和企业伙伴进行合作。
  6. 为中国建筑和相关产业研发新产品和新建筑技术。
  7. 寻找新的中国市场和新的商业机会。

德稻 – 渡堂海教授大师工作室专注于不同类型的住宅,范围包括公众经济型住宅、中档和高档住宅。


德稻 – 渡堂海教授大师工作室的设计和产品将会通过电视、网络、讲座、演讲、宣传册和出版物在中国范围内进行公布。



About the DeTao-Professor Haim Dotan Master Studio

As an international architect and Master of DeTao Masters Academy, I would like to contribute my vast experience in construction together with my new futuristic visions of housing design, construction techniques and construction methods in China.

China has been developing rapidly in the past 20 years. Small towns developed into cities, big cities became megalopolis. Many urban mistakes were created due to the urgency to provide massive immediate housing for the people.

Predicting the future of the housing markets in China is based on the knowledge that in the next 20 years, 300 million Chinese will move to work and live in the big cities in China. This will create new high-density neighborhoods of massive height and scale.

Thus, we must create new neighborhoods and new types of buildings that will provide green and quiet living environments in place of the massive walls which block the sun, the breeze and the views and do not provide solutions to the cultural and social needs of the inhabitants.

The DeTao-Professor Haim Dotan Master Studio goals are

  1. To create green ecological environments and communities for “Better City – Better Life”, thereby increasing the “Happy Housing” index.
  2. To design affordable level and middle class level ecological housing projects.
  3. To reduce construction costs and construction time.
  4. To increase safety factors in construction.
  5. To cooperate with governmental agencies, real estate developers, manufacturers, factories and business partners in China and worldwide.
  6. To research and develop new products and construction techniques for the Chinese market in construction and related businesses.
  7. To target new Chinese markets and new business opportunities.

The DeTao-Professor Haim Dotan Master Studio will focus on different types of housing, ranging from public affordable housing to middle class and high class housing types.

In addition, other ecological environments and building types, such as commercial, offices, schools, universities, cultural buildings and hotels will be integrated into the studio design as well.

The designs and products created by the DeTao-Professor Haim Dotan Master Studio, will be publicized in China through television and internet, presentations, lectures, brochures and publications.