DeTao Master of Automotive & Industrial Design Professor Mathis Heller Delivers Lecture at Shanghai Jiao Tong University –The Real Value of Design

Time: 2015-05-22 13:52

(May 22, Shanghai) “Design is everything, everything is design.”


The value of design is increasingly prominent in the past 10 years. As of 2014, the average profitability of design-oriented companies is 228% higher than that of ordinary companies. Good product designs can predict future customer demand, provide solutions, enhance user experience, and prompt companies to reconsider and position design strategies. Designers can learn about and expand market through customers and cut cost for companies. They can create profit and potential perceptive value for companies and find solutions to real-world problems.


On May 22, Professor Mathis Heller delivered the lecture ‘The Real Value of Design’ at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Minhang Campus).




‘Design is everything. Everything is design.’ These words kicked off the lecture of Professor Heller. He hoped that future designers in the audience would bear this in mind and design each product with full commitment. Product design should characterize the targeted product. With design, car brands should be easily recognizable from their profiles and types even without logos. (All BMW cars have a symbolic ‘nostril’.) Professor Heller admitted that many Chinese brands failed to do that.



After the lecture, students presented a portrait of Professor Heller sketched by them. They thanked the professor and the audience members for making each lecture more rewarding.