DeTao Master Professor Mathis Heller on Value of Design at Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School

Time: 2015-10-23 11:04

(Oct. 22, Shenzhen) On the afternoon of Oct. 22, 2015, Professor Mathis Heller, DeTao Master of Automotive & Industrial Design, delivered a lecture on ‘Value of Design’ at Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School. The lecture looked into the latest trends in the design of automobiles, bullet trains, fitness equipment and other daily necessities to demonstrate the different values of design. The foresight of Professor Heller, his eye-catching slideshow, and his rigorous diction made the two-hour lecture a feast of brainstorming and a treat for eyes.


Professor Mathis Heller delivering the lecture


Professor Heller started his lecture with the question ‘What is design?’ After hearing the answers from the audience, he made his point: ‘Design is everything. Everything is Design’. This was also the kernel of his lecture.


Professor Mathis Heller introducing his perception of design


By presenting his designs, like smart faucet, packaging of luxury cosmetics and fitness equipment he customized for celebrities, he demonstrated what design was and the future trend of products.


After that, Professor Heller demonstrated the history of automotive exterior design and analyzed the weaknesses of China's automobile industry, like copying foreign car models, even without alternation, which was not sustainable. He stressed the urgency of that problem and the necessity of distinctive design language.


Professor Heller showed us the vision, trends, requests and demands of design, and traced the origin of Golden Brand Circle to the question of ‘Why’. The process started with ‘Why’ via ‘How’ and ended with ‘What’. In the end, he talked about what design was. More than making products better-looking, design also made products more appealing, cut production and assembly costs, increased sales volume, kept competitive edge, generated more revenue, and realized value through solutions.


Professor Mathis Heller introducing the vision and trends of design


Finally, Professor Heller emphasized that ‘Design is everything. Everything is Design’. Design was leading future development and facilitating sustainable social progress. After the lecture, he took questions from the students and continued the discussion about design.