Professor Mathis Heller Delivers Keynote Speech at Industrial Design Innovation Forum of 2015 China International Industry Fair

Time: 2015-11-4 15:51

(Nov. 3, Beijing) On Nov. 3, Industrial Design Innovation Forum as part of the 17th Session China International Industry Fair was held in the Innovation Experience Center of China Industrial Design Institute.


The forum featured the theme ‘Integration of Industrial Design and Equipment Manufacturing’, bringing together opinion leaders from the political, production and academic communities to discuss new technologies, new patterns, new trends and new missions of industrial design in the context of Internet and big data and to look for paths and models for integration of industrial design and manufacturing. President Zhu Tao of China Industrial Design Institute and Mr. Xie Jiangang, District Mayor of Yangpu, Shanghai, delivered opening remarks. Mr. Zhu Hongren, former Member of Party Committee and Chief Engineer of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Mr. Liu Ning, President of China Industrial Design Association, and Mr. Tan Bing, Deputy District Mayor of Yangpu, Shanghai, also attended the forum.



The forum started with the awarding ceremony of the Second China Industrial Design Innovation Award of Industrial Research Institute, which was the highlight of the fair. The exhibitors submitted applications on a voluntary basis which were to be reviewed by a panel of judges. One Gold Award, two Silver Awards and three Bronze Awards were presented.


Among them, the long-awaited 2015 Industrial Design Innovation Gold Award went to ‘Ming Robot’ by Shanghai Rococo Integrated Design. The Silver Award was presented to ‘Accessory Algorithm and Generative Design’ by Tongji University College of Design and Innovation and ‘Knight-High-Precision 3D Printer’ by Shanghai Moshi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Bronze Award winners were ‘JX550L Wireless-Control Household Embroidery Sewing Machine’ by Shanghai Shanggong & Butterfly Sewing Machine Co. Ltd, ‘Robot Vision-Based Lead Ingot Furnace Automatic Feeding System’ by Rojek (Ningbo) Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd, and ‘CNF Helicopter Flight Training Simulator’ by Shanghai CnTech Co., Ltd.


After the awarding ceremony, an array of high-profile guests in the innovative industrial design industry delivered keynote speeches, including Professor Heller, Mr. Stephen Hooper, Senior Director of Manufacturing Strategy and Business Development at Autodesk, Mr. Li Fenglang, Product Design Director at Lenovo, Mr. Ying Fangtian, Vice President and Secretary General of China Industrial Design Association, Professor Cheng Jianxin, Dean of School of Art Design and Media, East China University of Science and Technology, and Mr. Jia Wei with LKK Design.




Professor Heller looked into how industrial design was leading industry upgrading and innovative application in the context of ‘Internet +’. Citing his previous design cases, he made in-depth analysis into how design enhanced the added value of products and corporate brand value. He also introduced the significant transformation in the design community driven by the advance of information technology and Industry 4.0.