Prof. Mathis Heller Acted as Jury for 11th “Hardware Award” Final Judge

Time: 2016-09-27 14:24

26th September, The final assessment and award ceremony of the 2016 11th "Hardware Cup" China Hardware Products Industrial Design Competition supported by the Ministry of Education Industrial Design Teaching Guidance Sub-Committee and the Yongkang Municipal People's Government was held at Yu Yongkang Radio and Television Center.



Competition was officially launched in early April this year, as of August 1st. More than 2,200 entries were selected to the competition. The contest attracted more than 80 college teachers and students and more than 40 companies, designers of the design companies to register, Including Korean universities and German universities and other international institutions. After the review of the initial assessment, the assessment, on-site reply session, the contest announced the list of winners, 55 million rmb has found an owner finally.


Prof. Mathis Heller, an international automotive industry design expert who provided design services for many well-known brands such as BMW, Ford and Siemens, was invited to be the judge of the competition. The panel also invited other renowned experts from home and abroad, including Mr.He Renke, vice president of China Industrial Design Association; Mr. Ji Tie, Professor of Design and Art College of Hu’nan University; Mr. Lu Chunfu, Professor of Industrial Design of Zhejiang University of Technology, Vice President of Zhejiang Industrial Design Association; Mr. Dirk Wynant, an internationally renowned expert in outdoor furniture and durable equipment design; Mr. Joeri Reyanaert, distinguished representative of a new generation of industrial designers in Europe.



The contestant presenting their work


Porf. Heller commenting the work



Jury members taking photo


A number of leading guests attended the awards ceremony, congratulated the award-winning players, and delivered their wish and suggestions to future Yongkang Hardware Competition.


The mayor of Shanghai Mr.Jin Zhen delivering a speech


2016 has marked 11th anniversary for Yongkang Hardware competition, which has been a highly targeted platform for professional competition, so that young people from all over the world have the opportunity to design together, with their sincere and persistent efforts for Yongkang, for China's Hardware industry innovation. Recently, experts and scholars from home and abroad with high reputation were more and more to be invited as judges for the contest every year , and in view of that, the professionalism and authority of the contest is also rising year after year.


Over the years, Yongkang manufacturing crown the world, comes to the hardware industry output, which will make every Yongkang citizens feel very proud., but its sustainable development is facing enormous challenges, the core technology are not available, innovation need to be transformed to "autonomy" which is reason why the Hardware Competition exists and continue to develop. Let us look forward to more newcomers and new ideas could inspire us in each of the next competition, so that "Chinese design" could be integrated into "Made in China". To achieve "China-create" refers to increase value-added products and industrial competitiveness and to achieve a fundamental change in the economic structure and industrial structure.