Prof. Heller Conducting Training on Automotive Design in CAERI, Chongqing

Time: 2016-10-12 10:14

Invited by China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd. (CAERI), on October 11th, Prof. Heller carried out a three-day training on car design in Chongqing. There he also attended ‘2016 the Night of China Commercial Vehicle & the opening of Selection of the Vehicle of the Year 2017’, the first large commercial vehicle-theme activity in China co-sponsored by CAERI and China Auto News.


Students carefully listening Prof. Heller’s deep analysis on how branding drives design


Prof. Heller taking group photo with students after the training


16 students, including the design team of CAERI and designers from other car companies attended this training. Themed with Brand-Driven Car Design (Design DNA), centering on the two questions ‘What is your brand’s design DNA? What makes people love your brand?’, Prof. Heller explained the underlining theory and the in-depth relations between brand and design, so as to help the students master the approach of incorporating design trends and different taste of different regions in a Design DNA.



The Selection of the Commercial Vehicle of the Year co-sponsored by CAERI and China Auto News aims to create a platform of professional communication for commercial vehicles. On this platform, talents engaging in this industry will have the opportunity to learn and exchange ideas with each other. It is the sponsors’ wish that through this event, people will raise more awareness to the development of the commercial vehicle industry, thus to create a better environment for the development of the whole automotive industry. This year’s participators covers almost all the large truck and bus companies in China, gathering the elites of the commercial vehicle industry.