Prof. Mathis Heller Participates the 2017 Fujian Province Foreign Experts Chinese New Year Symposium

Time: 2017-1-12 9:25

On January 10th, 2017, the Fujian Province Foreign Experts Chinese New Year Symposium was held in Fuzhou. Governor Yu Weiguo met with some of the foreign experts working in Fujian and had cordial discussions with them. Member of the Provincial Standing Committee and Organization Minister Wang Ning, Vice Governor Huang Qiyu also participated in the discussion.


At the symposium, Mr.Bo Geren, the chief technology officer of Ningde New Energy Technology Co., Ltd, Mr. Branka Vucetic, Chief Technology Officer of Fujian GeTong Electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Bruno Bristol, Dean of School of Civil Engineering, Fuzhou University, Mr. Yong Tianhao, director of Institute of Magnetic Materials, Xiamen Tungsten Industry Co., Ltd, Mr. Geoffrey Michael Gurr, Professor of Applied Ecology, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University Mr. Dieter wolff, Professor of School of Pharmacy, Xiamen University, Prof. Mathis Heller, Innovation Master of Industrial Design, Kaoke (Fujian) Industrial Design Co., Ltd., Prof. William N·Brown, School of Management, Xiamen University, has respectively expressed their opinions and suggestions on how to develop new energy industry, cultivate Internet of Things industry, improve science and technology enterprise financial services, promote scientific and technological innovation, attract high-end talents, strengthen international cooperation in education, develop ecological agriculture , and to build a greener city, etc. Yu Weiguo responded one by one, and interacted with every foreign expert. He says, "I see not the true face of Lushan mountain because I am in the mountain. " , you all stand outside the Lushan Mountain so you are actually standing on a higher point and with an updated perspective to see Fujian’s development. Your views and suggestions are very fair and valuable, we will study carefully for constantly improving our government work.


On behalf of the provincial party committee, provincial government, and the provincial party secretary You Quan, Mr. Yu Weiguo first expressed his sincere gratitude to all foreign experts working in Fujian for their positive contribution to Fujian’s economic and social development, and wish them a happy family, cheerful life and fruitful work in the coming new year. He says that innovation is the first driving force to lead development, while talent is the first resource to support development. At present, Fujian is thoroughly carrying out the spirit of the important speech made by General Secretary Xi Jinping and his important instructions on Fujian's work, and pushing forward the line of "reaching a further new height and building a new Fujian". More than ever before, we are hungry for talent, and we welcome all the talents including foreign experts to play their expertise in Fujian. I hope you can care for and support and participate in the development of Fujian, bring more new ideas, new technologies, and new experiences to Fujian, and meanwhile to be a good talent scout to introduce more talented people to Fujian.