Mathis Heller Design--Zehnder Residential Ventilation ComfoAir Q Wins 2017 iF Design Award

Time: 2017-03-01 13:22

Prof. Mathis Heller’s design work, the new flagship of Zehnder residential ventilation ComfoAir Q wins 2017 iF design award. The series achieves the best energy efficiency with the lowest noise in the industry and can be operated via an app. Opening the new transparent door will turn on the display and give access to the filters. Failure messages are displayed conveniently through the door.



LED lighting ensures its ease of use.


Zehnder residential ventilation system is a system continuously discharging indoor dirty air and drawing in outdoor fresh air 24 hours a day, meanwhile effectively controlling the air volume, air flow and energy recovery. A negative pressure forms inside the room when running, bringing outdoor air into the room from the inlet, thus assures the room a good ventilation environment with fresh air all the time. As a century brand, Zehnder is a household name. Families in every corner of the world are using Zehnder products.


The design of two different units, with vertical and angular connectors, many different pipe diameters and accessories made the design a real challenge. The solution is two different design covers produced in one mold with inlays.