Prof.Heller Presents Speech at Quanzhou Forum of Industrial Design Masters

Time: 2017-03-31 10:05

In the morning of March 30th, sponsored by the Quanzhou Economic and Information Technology Committee, jointly organized by Quanzhou Industrial Design Association, Huaqiao University Industrial Design Institute, the "Quanzhou Forum of Industrial Design Masters" ushered in the sixteenth lecture. The forum has lasted for three years, and successfully held fifteen. Through dialogues between the world's top design experts, it has made indelible contributions in improving the overall industrial design level in Quanzhou.



At the first lecture of the forum since the beginning of 2017, Prof. Heller and Lin Xiaofa, the board director of Jommo was invited to be the special guests, sharing their understanding of the relations between design and branding, and Jommo’s secret of boosting and upgrading its creative industrial design, as well as exchanging ideas about Quanzhou industrial design development with other guests.




Prof. Heller shared his design experience and insights from a designer's point of view on the relationship between corporate brand and design. "A brand has a life cycle, so does design" , he expressed that the survival of a brand requires design to continuously create vitality, "so that this cycle keeps going on and on and on, the brand get ripening, and ultimately become a classic.



As Quanzhou is dominated by brick-and-mortar enterprise, if we vigorously promote industrial design to trigger new development, the market will be huge. Our enterprises need to re-understand the value and role of industrial design." Lin Xiaofa took Jommo’s own industrial design development process and its future direction as an example, suggesting that entity enterprises should be driven by design in the future.



The lecture attracted a large number of designers and entrepreneurs gathered at the scene, and actively shared their understanding and experience of design.