Prof. Heller invited to attend the 2017 Burst Sells Strategy Training Session of Jomoo Group

Time: 2017-04-26 10:03

On the morning of April 25th, the 2017 Burst Sells Strategy Training Session of Jomoo Group kicked off at the Dianxiao Center of Nan’an. Lin Xiaofa, the president of Jomoo and other 400 staff including sales, marketing, R&D, different business departments, and staff from branch companies attended this training. Liu Yan, the executive vice president hosted this training.


Liu Yan, the executive vice president hosting this training


At the beginning, President Lin Xiaofa shared his report with the topic ‘the implementation of the production, supply and sales strategy designed by the top-level of the group’. Beginning from seven aspects including branding strategy identification, marketing, efficient IT, R&D, quality cost supply chain, manufacturing and project management, President Lin proposed that we shall look ahead at the project planning, and closely follow user’s needs. Meanwhile, he made 18 specific requests in terms of the ‘burst sells’ strategy. At last President Lin stressed that ‘To create burst sells means to create tens of billions profit’, Jomoo shall focus on the industrial eco-chains, firmly carry out the burst sells strategy in the year 2017, so as to ensure the sales champion, safeguard clients’ recognition and our market share.


President Lin sharing his report


As the next speaker, Prof. Heller addressed the speech ‘The Power of Strategic Design’. Sharing his ideas and understandings about the role that design plays in product development, the relations between brand and product, the design development trend, and design thinking etc., based on his interesting design journey, he vividly explained the meaning of his slogan ‘Design is everything, everything is design’, breaking the riddle of product design.


Prof. Heller addressing speech


In the afternoon, Dr. Hong Hua, head of the Granary Institute of XiaoMi Eco-link, CEO of Qinghe Granary Science&Technology Co.,Ltd., company of XiaoMi Eco-link, shared his speech with the audiences. Dr. Hong introduced XiaoMi Eco-link’s successful key based on its brand-new R&D mode and marketing mode, and raised eight principles of ‘doing business with military theory’. Besides, starting with consumption escalation, Dr. Hong detailed how to create ‘burst sells’ products through finding directions, defining products etc. Touched by his vivid description and fluent methodology with XiaoMi’s DNA, the audiences are deeply impressed and warm applause can be heard from time to time.


Dr. Hong delivering speech


The first course of Jomoo 2017 ‘Burst Sells’ Strategy Training ended successfully. Though it is just a one-day course, quite a lot useful and practical knowledge are passed on to all the audiences to enlarge their vision and open their mind. It is this training’s aim to discuss how to develop ‘wow’ products and realize tripartite wins of ‘user-company-partner’, by consistent and intensify innovation, and by precisely locating user differentiation and needs.