Yang Xiong, the Mayor of Shanghai, at Studio of DeTao Master Mathis Heller

Time: 2014-06-18 14:52

(June 17, Shanghai) On June 17, 2014, Mr. Yang Xiong, Deputy Secretary of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and Mayor of Shanghai, paid a visit to DeTao with a delegation of municipal officials



The delegation headed by Mayor Yang was fascinated by the award-winning designs displayed in Professor Heller s'studio. During the introduction made by DeTao Chairman Mr. George Lee, the guests of honour learned that Professor Heller was responsible for designing the BMW 3 Series, 5 Series, and 7 Series, in addition to receiving a number of international design awards. Besides designing cars, Professor Heller's work also covered a range of diverse products, some of which were still underway.




During talks with Professor Heller, Mayor Yang learned that the professor was working on an R&D project of automatic mobile transportation system designed to address air pollution, traffic congestion, and insufficient parking space in cities. He appreciated the contribution that Professor Heller had made to improving China’s urban environment and advised further consultation with Shanghai Traffic Police in order to pilot the project there. Professor Heller was expecting to take the initiative in applying this system in Chinese cities.


In mega cities like Beijing and Shanghai, cars are still the main traffic solution. However, problems, such as congestion, air pollution and traffic accidents also severely affect people’s life.


The Urban Mobility Vehicle project is a traffic solution which hopes to replace cars in inner cities and solve all issues of city traffic by using cutting edge technology. The system uses existing roads, but replacing cars with alternate vehicles acting as a public personal transport solution. No congestion, no pollution, no parking issues.


In addition, this project could also serve in tourist areas, like Sanya, Hainan. Self-driving vehicles could make the experience of tourist attraction very enjoyable and create an added value to the touristic area.