DeTao Master Professor Mathis Heller Unveils His New Piece 'WorkAway' Installed in Utrecht Science Park in the Netherlands

Time: 2014-02-19 15:49:00

Recently, the outdoor office 'WorkAway' designed by DeTao Master of Automotive & Industrial Design & Sustainable Urban Concepts Professor Mathis Heller was installed in Utrecht Science Park, Netherlands. The Science Park labeled the offices Science Cube.


‘WorkAway’: the latest design by Professor Mathis Heller


WorkAway is a comfortable mobile office complete with WiFi access and an ideal choice for those tired of the indoors workplace. Made entirely of polystyrene board (insulation material) covered with a polyurea coating, it is waterproof, durable and pollution-free. On particularly bright days, the position of the cubicle can be easily rotated in order to avoid direct sunlight.


Professor Mathis Heller (left) and the staff members of Utrecht Science Park


The WorkAway fits in various public places, such as parks, open-air parking lots, campuses and public transport facilities. It serves as a transfer point between workplaces to facilitate the average employee’s daily life.


With it, workaholics can sit back in the park, enjoy the fresh air and work on their laptops in great comfort surrounded by the natural environment.


From BMW concept design to bicycle taillights, outdoor emergency medical equipment to simple pigment paint packages, and the design of outdoor furniture in addition to creative kitchenware, the successful launch of WorkAway has once again demonstrated Professor Heller’s great command of design in all fields.