Mathis Heller Attending 115th International Seminar of Design and Innovation of Canton Fair

Time: 2014-03-24 9:49:00

Background Information: Organized by Foreign Trade Department of Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, sponsored by China Foreign Trade Centre and assisted by Product Design and Trade Development Center of Canton Fair, this seminar mainly focuses on innovative ideas and successful cases in design, R&D and finished products of foreign trade enterprises.


This seminar will last for 4 days, including three categories, namely, integrated kitchen part, strategic design part and eco friendly furniture part.

Honored Guests and Speakers:

Mr. Michel Millot, founder of Millot Design

Mr. Paul Cohen

Mr. Dan Dongmin Ahn, CEO of Korean InterGram

Professor Mathis Heller, Detao Master of Industrial Design and Urban Mobility

Mr. Zhirong Ye, pre-president of Designer Association of Hong Kong

Mr. Desheng Chen, Taiwan designer

Mr. Sooshin Choi, vice-president of Designer Association of US

Professor Choi Ki Ho, Chongju University

Professor Guanzhong Liu, college of fine arts of Qinghua University

Professor Zhongxi Tang, dean of art and design college of Guangzhou University


Lecture of Professor Heller:

Topic: Strengthening Business Through Strategic Design

Time:April. 18th 14:00-16:00

Place: No. 8 Meeting Room of Canton Fair, Area B