DeTao Master Professor Mathis Heller Delivers Speech at International Conference on Innovation and Design

Time: 2014-04-20 13:30

The 115thChina Import and Export Fair, better known as Canton Fair, recently opened in Guangzhou, with the theme ‘Going professional, brand-oriented, and international’. Exhibitors from across China brought with them the latest information on product and industry to procure guests from both within and outside of China.


At this year’s Fair, the International Conference on Innovation and Design sponsored by Product Design & Trade Promotion Center (PDC) was upgraded, and several world masters were invited to share their insights.


Professor Mathis Heller delivering a lecture during the event


On April 18, Professor Mathis Heller, DeTao Master of Automotive & Industrial Design, addressed spectators on the relationship between corporate design strategy and its commercial effect. Other guest speakers participated, including Mr. Stefano Giovannoni, the Italian design genius; Mr. Wolfgang Obermeier, German designer and Head of JungleFish; and Mr. Li Qi, Head of Hangzhou R&D Design. Professor Heller’s speech ‘Strenthening Business Through Strategic Design’ received positive feedback from the audience.


Speaking from personal experience in the design industry, Professor Heller talked about corporate strategic level and the design solutions available to problems currently faced by Chinese businesses. As the lecture unfolded, he revealed the critical role of design for corporate success.


During the lecture, one of the audience members, an SME owner participating in the Fair, asked Professor Heller about the ways to cover the cost of product design for an infant small enterprise which is still struggling for survival.


Of course, this issue was one that perplexed a majority of SME owners. With a brief but humorous answer, Professor Heller explained that SMEs could also afford product design, replying ‘bad designs cost just as much as good designs.’


Professor Mathis Heller sharing insights together with other designers


On April 17, DeTao Master of Industrial DesignProfessor Liu Guanzhong, China’s best-known academic leader and disciplinary expert on the topic of industrial design, met with additional key figures to discuss the topic of China’s kitchen equipment. Those involved included Academy of Arts & Design Professor, Tsinghua University, and DeTao Master of Industrial Design, together with Associate Professor Shi Zhenyu, also from Academy of Arts & Design, and Mr. Tang Zhongxi, Vice President of China Industrial Design Association. The discussions focused on personalizing kitchens specifically in China, and offered solutions in environmental protection, energy conservation, high-tech, and art.


China’s Ministry of Commerce attached great significance to this event, which was a highlight of the 2014 Design Events to Promote Trade. This new attempt to expand channels and methods of public service was devised in order to advocate the design agencies and professionals to enterprises in the market via Canton Fair.


Canton Fair is China’s largest trade fair, bringing together 24,000 Chinese enterprises across all sectors and over 200,000 buyers from around the world. As growing numbers of voices are calling on China to take the leap from manufacturing giant to creative powerhouse, product design is increasingly thrust under the spotlight among Chinese manufacturers. As the world economy worsens and the Chinese government is maintains stable economic growth by boosting domestic demand, design innovation will bring new opportunities to corporate development.