Professor Mathis Heller Attends 'The Most Beautiful Automobile Award China’ Ceremony

Time: 2014-04-22 14:30

On April 21, 2014, The Most Beautiful Automobile Award China was announced and presented at a grand ceremony in Beijing. Professor Mathis Heller, DeTao Master of Automotive & Industrial Design, was invited to the event and presented the Most Beautiful Electric Car Award to BMW i3.


Professor Mathis Heller


The Most Beautiful Automobile Award, perhaps the most prestigious accolade in the world’s auto industry, was initiated in 1993 and introduced to China by CAR AND DRIVER magazine in 2007. To date, more than 100 cars have received awards over the past seven years.


Unlike more conventional automobile awards, jury members of the ceremony feature the most specialized experts in the fields of automobile design, art, architecture, story studies, and photography. Speaking of the award ceremony's unique value, interdisciplinary experts have praised the event for honouring such designers who go beyong the beauty of design and life.


This year's event foucused on themes of the future and speed while looking closely at automobile aesthetics of the digital era. In addition to Professor Heller, award presenters included Ms. Lena Yang, Managing Director with Hearst Advertising China; Ms. Ma Ling, Publisher of CAR AND DRIVER; Mr. Miao Jun, Chief Editor of CAR AND DRIVER; Mr. Bao Yimin, world renowned creative designer; Mr. Chi Lei, crossover artist; and Mr. Zhang Chi, celebrated vanguard fashion designer.


Professor Mathis Heller (third from right) presenting the Most Beautiful Electric Car Award


At the awarding ceremony of 2014 The Most Beautiful Automobile Award China


The award ceremony opened with a captivating video clip: a breath-taking race of speed intercut with numerous sleepless nights spent by designers working on their creations. The short implied that design was not only creating beauty, but also revolutionizing track sport cars, and turning myths into legends.


The annual award specifically honors the most beautiful cars of the previous year while paying attention to the most futuristic auto design. Mr. Miao Jun engaged in deep discussions with designers, experts, and crossover artists at the roundtable forum, titled 'meet the Future in the Name of Design'. Speaking of the future development and future trends, they shared their opinions on customizing brands for the young, while discussing the cultural shock between China and the West.


Looking closely at this years winners, it is no surprise they were recognised for their design. Exemplified by the simple, fashinable, and high-tech Maserati Alfieri Concept car, 14 types including The New Mercedes-Benz CLA, NEW MINI, BMW i3, also receive awards, representing excellent design across the spectrum. The beauty of these machines were attributed to the unique inspirations and philosophies of designers who have intergrated speed and beauty.


Winners of different award categories represent excellence in each of the different areas. Car designs as a result of the unique inspirations and philosophies of designers have demonstrated how perfectly speed and beauty fit together.


Special Jury Award Peugeot EXALT


On top of the 13 awards honoring sedan, sports sedan, sports car, and SUV,the Special Jury Award was added to the list, which finally went to Peugeot EXALT, a perfect integration of oriental and western culture. This revealed one truth about design: powerful aesthetics can certainly transcend national boundaries.


China’s Ministry of Commerce attached great significance to this event, which was a highlight of the 2014 Design Events to Promote Trade. This new attempt to expand channels and methods of public service was devised in order to advocate the design agencies and professionals to enterprises in the market via Canton Fair.