DeTao Master Professor Mathis Heller Attends 2014 Summit Forum of China EV Industry Development

Time: 2014-09-06 15:07

(Sep. 5, Changsha) The 2014 Summit Forum of China EV Industry Development recently opened in Changsha, Hunan Province. State and local governments announced subsidy policies for new energy automobiles during the year and vehicle purchase tax on new energy automobiles became exempt from September 1. Regarding these favorable policies and the challenging market, the forum provided both market analysis and industry practice, promoting stimulating discussion amongst all that attended.


On September 5, Professor Mathis Heller, DeTao Master of Automotive & Industrial Design, joined speeches and discussions together with other respected experts and scholars, including Mr. Chen Quanshi, Director of Institute of Automobile Research of Tsinghua University and Deputy Director of State Key Laboratory of Automotive Safety and Energy, Ms. Wang Fang, Senior Engineer with China Automotive Technology & Research Center, and Mr. Zeng Zhiling, President of LMC Asia Pacific.


As a renowned automobile and product designer, Professor Heller has provided first-rate design service for the likes of BMW, Siemens ICE high speed train, and MAN Group in Germany. Professor Heller delivered a lecture focused on Enlightenment of Global EV Design Trend on China’s Self-Owned Brand, whereby reviewed the evolution of electric vehicles and explained global EV design styling. He then introduced various successful design cases of high brand cars and electric vehicles, while sharing his thoughts on the future of urban mobility design in China’s mega cities. The professor concluded his speech by offering tips for China EV design, noting that ‘EV is a big chance for the Chinese car industry to enter the global market’.


Professor Mathis Heller delivering a speech on Enlightenment of Global EV Design Trend on China’s Self-Owned Brand


Other scholars also contributed insights during their speeches. According to Mr. Chen Quanshi, in addition to the independent battery, electrical machine, and electronic control, system integration was also essential technology to EV. Mr. Zeng Zhiling citing the targeted auto fuel consumption that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology introduced for 2020, pointed out the urgency of developing new energy which was indispensable for the survival of autos.


Shortly after his speech, Professor Heller was interviewed by the press and remarked on numerous issues, including the role of design in promoting EV, the differences when designing EV and fuel-driven vehicles, and the design view of Zoyte Cloud100.


Professor Mathis Heller being interviewed by Hunan press


The one-day forum took place in Changsha Biguiyuan Phoenix Hotel, featuring 8 speeches and 1 salon discussion. The speeches covered policy analysis, market analysis, design trends, industry practice, battery technology, business models, charging facilities, and consumer research. A total of 36 media outlets and 51 journalists attended the event.


Professor Mathis Heller with fellow participants of the forum