The revolution of hand hygiene. A unique combination of a touch-free faucet
  • Inventum AquaSpot
    a boiling water faucet with patented built-in security feature, to protect
  • AXA Stenman
    a contemporary styled bicycle ring lock with a strong and robust
  • Zehnder
    The new flagship of Zehnder residential ventilation ComfoAir Q achieves the best energy
  • Drager Oxylog
    an emergency respirator for ambulance staff to administer oxygen in case of an accident.
  • Spanninga
    an innovative bicycle light using only one LED and an extra wide light guide.
  • Histor
    the first plastic paint container for solvent and water based paints
  • BMW
    three-dimensional shaping and computer aided design of the 3, 5 and 7-series’exterior
  • PEUGOET urban mobile
    an urban mobility concept consisting of electrical self-driving cabins
  • Result of student workshop New Urban Mobility
    Result of student workshop New Urban Mobility
  • 480 Trainer
    It’s hardly possible to get injured on the 480TRAINER, for it’s a non-impact machine.
  • BEKO OIM25500 X
    BEKO OIM 25500 X has a large capacity and smart features
  • Espresso Machines
    A modular technical structure makes it possible to vary with radically different design concepts
    iGATE targets premium architectural environments and sets the new standard in
  • WorkAway
    The WorkAway can be rotated, so that the sun never hits the screen.
  • PC Cox
    It developed the design and ergonomics of the handle of the gun.
  • Kazem Nefera
    The Nefera product line is only available at Skins Cosmetics.
  • Ravo Street Sweeper
    Street cleaning smart city style.
  • Salto
    The time has finally come to completely forget...
  • ICE high-speed train
    three-dimensional shaping and computer aided...
  • Automotive accessories
    Automotive accessories for AUDI and FORD.
  • Incradible Office Furniture
    The time has finally come to completely forget about mechanical keys.