DeTao Master of Technoetic Arts Professor Roy Ascott Gives Lecture at Shanghai Theater Academy

(Shanghai, Oct. 11th) After making a hit with his lecture Syncretic Cybernetics: Art in the Time of Change at Shanghai Institute of Visual Art on October 10th, DeTao Master of Technoetic Arts Professor Roy Ascott delivered this lecture again on the afternoon of Oct. 11th at Shanghai Theater Academy. Authorities of Department of Dramatic Literature and Department of Directing attended the lecture.

DeTao Master Professor Roy Ascott giving the lecture to students and faculty members of Shanghai Theater Academy
Professor Ascott presented his artistic philosophy with his works, explaining moist media, cybernetics and virtual world. He called upon us to value disciplines and prioritize the subjective experience over the objective, process over system, act over form, perception over reason, and mind over material. His humorous and concise wording revealed the novelty that the latest technoetic arts exposed us to, how it fueled social progress and how hi-tech transcended time and space. We were amazed by his professional expertise in technoetic arts.

In light of the disciplinary structure of Shanghai Theater Academy, Professor Ascott also integrated the theories of technoetic arts with drama, presenting the theatrical concepts in technoetic arts. This easily revealed the vital role of interdisciplinary study. The students were encouraged to become versatile talents with comprehensive and sound abilities and innovative ideas.

Students absorbed in the lecture and taking notes

Professor Ascott taking a group photo with DeTao staff members and audience members after the lecture

The students of Shanghai Theater Academy very much valued this lecture. Many of the audience members were busy taking notes during the lecture. This was evident how enthusiastically they were learning. Mr. Zhang, a postgraduate student at Department of Dramatic Literature, told us that he was aware of and inspired by the new characteristics of integrating theatrical and technoetic arts. He was determined to be more innovative in his future study. Juniors of Department of Directing found the lecture of great value for their major. They thanked DeTao for offering such resources and were excited about studying with the Master at DeTao.

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