DeTao converges 500 global masters, providing international expertise in a Chinese cultural context
to enhance creativity, innovation, and business opportunities



To draw on global education resources and to develop the New Normal for education in China.


To be a leader in pioneering and promoting innovations that support high-quality education for students, professionals, and society.


To develop new knowledge and collect wisdom that advances education at all levels through educational research, the promotion of innovative educational solutions, the development of high-impact educational content, and the establishment of educational resource sharing platforms.

Main Objectives

Integrate innovative domestic and foreign educational resources;
     Advance research on topics and methods for innovation education.
     Promote the results of academic research publications on innovation education;
     Cultivate young teaching talents through mentorship by visiting scholars;
     Establish industry standards and a certification system for innovation education;
   Organize internat



  • 短期进修 Short-Term Training (5-7 Days)
    Face-to-face training
    Innovation thinking and pedagogy
    Project-based innovative pedagogy
    Improved pedagogy and specialized professional knowledge management
    Understand the current state of global pedagogy, research, and industry development in a given field
  • 访问进修 Visiting Study (6 months or 1 semester)
    Visiting teacher will follow the master in person to study and teach
    Participate in the masters’ projects around the world
    Earn a certificate of visiting study
    Be a potential partner for the master’s future and related projects

Core Values
Congregating high-end international human resources
Strengthening academic and cultural exchange between East and West
The DTMA London Center

As the first overseas center of DTMA, the London center was founded in 2016. London is known as a world famous fashion city and DeTao has congregated many apparel design, art design, and jewelry design masters so as to build a fashion center in London.
DeTao integrates global master resources with local universities including Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design, London College of Fashion, and presently focuses on design, fashion, art, business, animation, television, and film. Within these domains, the center brings together cutting-edge professionals, scholars, and experts in China and abroad to build a high-end cross-discipline global platform for educational exchange.