Peking University

Peking University

Peking University is the most important partner of DeTao, since 2011, Peking University and DeTao had carried out a series of innovative education collaboration, explore innovative collaboration model, after many years of joint effort, DeTao and Engineering Institute of Peking University had officially signed collaboration agreement, both party conducted profound collaboration in the fields of novelty education course development, MOOCs development, collaboration innovation science research collaboration, science and technology park and others and developed futuristic industry-university-research collaboration model thus established innovation education paradigm with open mindset and explored new education innovation model:  

1.Co-found lecture brand  

“Dialogue with global innovative masters at Engineering Institute of Peking University—DeTao master Lecture” program is co-sponsored by Engineering Institute of Peking University, Communist Youth League Committee of Peking University and DTMA which is opened to students who interested in innovation and industrial elites. Since 2010, DTMA has organized nearly 100 such series lecture, congregated world class masters at Peking University to promote international knowledge exchange, till 2016, it has arranged almost 100 lectures with speakers include General Secretary of UNESCO, snow white language inventor of Apple, fellow of Royal Society, National Academy of Engineering, photographer of National Geology, score composer of Hollywood, general architect of pavilion of Expo.  The series lecture has been well received by various experts and leaders, and details of the lecture has been reported by medias include CCTV, People’s Daily, Wen Hui Bao, Beijing TV, China Industry News,, Phoenix Net and others. Many domestic experts and scholars had come to the lecture and interacted with masters and students and created vivid and diversified academic environment which extended international view of students and enhanced academic level and education content of universities as well as extended the forms and methods of novel education. Since 2013, “Dialogue with global innovative masters at Engineering Institute of Peking University—DeTao master Lecture” had been officially selected as public elective course of Peking University, meanwhile Peking University and DeTao had co-published series lecture memoir “Dialogue with global innovation masters”, which refined and organized the lecture content to share with more readers.  

2.Co-established the earliest 10 MOOCs courses in China  

Since 2012, domestic MOOCs (Mass online open courses) have been developed rapidly. Peking University acted as the pioneer based on the profound education collaboration, co-developed the earliest 10 MOOCs in China—Peking University-DeTao mass online open courses and released it online in July, 2013 with the aim to build the first class MOOCs course system to promote the popularity and development of online open courses in China. Developing online open course platform is not only to challenge to build new education model but also to practice “education equality” which has been the concept that Peking University has always been persisted and also is the new breakthrough in academic exploration of both parties. MOOCs collaboration is not only a creative action of both parties in education innovation but also to promote their collaboration into new record. This contract-signing event has been highly commented by the president of Peking University, Prof. Enge Wang as “a challenge and milestone of education reform”. This event has been selected as top 10 news of education sector in China in 2013 and inaugurated the holistic strategic collaboration between Peking University and DeTao which launched profound collaboration of course export and discipline co-establishment. 

3.Co-establish DeTao Master Course  

DTMA master courses include seminar, workshop, post and under graduate programs and other diversified education products, which focus on the integration of theory, practice and industry, though series professional, systematic course to help students acquire theory knowledge, practical technique and solution thus improve comprehensive ability in short period.  Qualified students who have passed examination will get certificate issued by both parties, testimonial and badge. Since the beginning of 2014, DeTao has arranged several content-rich lectures in Peking University, the most representative lectures include “design theory system” of Prof. Yan Jin at Aeronautics and Astronautics and Mechanical and Engineering Department of USC, “To make scientific thesis more influential ” seminar by Prof. Stuart L. Pimm international ecologist, humanist and member of National Science Society, professor at Duke University, ”Gate leading to innovation” workshop by Richard Tabor Greene, professor at Keio University; in this innovative platform, DeTao will introduce more quality master courses which through scientific pedagogies to spread master’s wisdom and tacit knowledge and foster comprehensive, innovative industrial elites. 

4. Collaboration with Scientific Park and scientific research 

Peking University and DeTao Group will integrate their advantage resources, co-found Engineering Institute of Peking University—DeTao Innovative Base and conduct scientific research with the feature of market law based, scientific innovative oriented, serving public wellbeing in around way and with market potential. We plan to introduce industry into the park and through park administration, planning and construction and other forms co-found the scientific park to serve national scientific innovative development strategy and facilitate sustainable development of regional economy and society. 

5.Major co-establishment  

DeTao O+O project which is the short term of “Online and Onsite Learning”, or ”Online and Offline Dual Tutors Course” project, which is internet+ product in DeTao educational system. This project is based on DeTao’s reform of congregating global quality educational resource, and through stereo Internet educational material construction to conduct Internet model reform. In the year of, the Engineering Institute of Peking University MEM major signed O+O course collaboration agreement with DeTao, and introduced DeTao’s new course system into mechanic and engineering master program, which marks as the beginning of O+O course in China. In the future, Peking University will inaugurate the master program of industrial design engineering major. DeTao will fully use its own resource and ability to provide consultation, course content export, supporting service for industry-university-research, and deepen collaboration with Peking University.