Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts

Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts

In the autumn of 2012, with the support of Shanghai Educational Committee, DeTao and SIVA (Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts) based on their common exploration to international school running model and internationalized intellectuals fostering, co-established “SIVA-DeTao pilot course” program which is a school and enterprise collaboration model, the program has attracted attention and recognition from the design and art fields home and abroad. The pilot course adopted the concept, resource and model of international intellectual education, and was led by industrial masters and design courses according to the standard of world class design universities, and all the classes will be taught by industrial masters and their team, therefor, provides students with creative merits international advanced art education so as to stimulate the largest potential of students. Leaders from central and local government, Counselor’s Office of State Council, China Institute of Education, UNESCO, Quality Supervision and Control Committee of Higher Education of United State and other institutes had visited SIVA for inspection and highly commented the course. 

SIVA-DeTao pilot course is full-time course and 4-year undergraduate program. The student will get degree certificate issued SIVA and study certificate signed by master.  The pilot course officially started to recruit students since 2013. The first batch courses include industrial design (strategic design and innovation) and animation (creative animation), the two courses had been highly recognized by students, parents, education committee and educational experts home and abroad.


Based on the success of SIVA-DeTao pilot course, in the year of 2014, DeTao and SIVA continued and expended the collaboration, and opened additional 8 majors include environment design (ecological architecture design), cultural industry administration (brand strategy and management), garment and accessory design (fashion-knitwear-sport), art and science and technology (interactive design), visual communication (brand identification and public space), environment design (theme environment design), product design (sustainable furniture design), performance (classic guitar). It has recruited 210 students in September 2014 and 225 students in 2015.  


After 2 years operation of pilot courses, SIVA has been rated as top 100 universities in art and design field by QS. CHEA identified DeTao as the first Asian ”quality platform provider”, affirmed its achievement in education content and service areas. Till September of 2016, the students of pilot course have surpassed 700, and the first batches of graduates are expected in 2017. Currently, Shanda Games, GK Design Group and many other enterprises have signed intellectual booking agreement. Meanwhile, Shanghai municipal education committee, major leaders of municipal government also visited pilot courses to inspect and affirmed the model, which as well attracted attention of central counselor’s office which call it paradigm of importing international intellectuals.


While deepening the innovative educational model of pilot course, DeTao conducted various colorful education initiatives, co-founded CCIC (creative cultural industry cluster) project, and invited Dan Sarto, co-founder, publisher and chief editor of Animation World Network (AWN) to manage preparing and establishing; co-founded iACC with Robin King, the founder of the first animation major of world at Sheridan which boasted as Harvard in Animation sector; responded to the calling of the appeal of Shanghai municipal government to develop crowd innovation and business making space, DeTao and Songjiang district government had signed Shanghai DeTao Knowledge Capital Maker Center Collaboration Agreement so as to cultivate young maker though intellectual importing, intellectual employment and education innovation; and explore new mechanism of entrepreneurship incubator, new model and promote education innovation pattern of university.