China Industrial Design Association

China Industrial Design Association

China is currently initiating a new economic model. The rapid growth over the last 30 years is over. So where do we go for from here? With the developmental economic model, China must place higher emphasis on innovation. In his speech at the 7th meeting of China Central Finance Working Group in August, President Xi Jinping commented on China's driving the transformation of economic development, implementing economic restructuring, so need to develop innovation in all key areas. On the global stage, OECD is seeking impetus for the growth of the world economy via knowledge capital, which is defined as R&D, design, brand and software. 

Mission of the Innovation Institute

Against that backdrop, CIDA and DeTao established the Innovation Institute, which we hope will provide world wisdom, integrates both domestic and international resources, while giving industrial design an innovative boost. In accordance with innovation-driven strategy and requirements of an industrial power, we aim to expand the scope and upgrade the industrial design service, facilitate the integration of industrial design with manufacturing, and execute China’s 4.0 industrial strategy by adding intellectual value to China’s manufacturing industry.

In addition to cultivating ambitious, creative design elites, we are also aiming to nurture entrepreneurs who understand the true value of design. The Vision of the Innovation Institute is to establish itself as China’s premiere non-degree education institution by nurturing both masters and entrepreneurs.

CIDA-DeTao Innovation Institute

On Nov. 5, 2014, the inauguration of CIDA-DeTao Innovation Institute was held at the DeTao CCIC Building in Shanghai. A number of influential figures came together for the important event, including Mr. Zhu Tao, President of China Indutstry Design Association (CIDA); Mr. Zhu Hongren, Party Committee Member and Chief Engineer of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT); Mr. Xin Renzhou, Deputy Director General of MIIT Industry Policy Department; Professor Liu Guanzhong, Professor-in-Charge at Academy of Art & Design, Tsinghua University, and Director of Expert Working Committee of CIDA; Mr. Liu Ning, Secretary General of CIDA; Mr. George Lee, DeTao Chairman; Mr. John Xia, DeTao President; Professor Hartmut Esslinger, DeTao Master of Strategic Design; and Mr. Zhang Tong, Vice President of Shanghai Institute of Visual Art.

(From left) Deputy Director General Xin Renzhou, Secretary General Wang Rihua, President Zhu Tao, Chairman George Lee, Professor Liu Guanzhong, and Professor Hartmut Esslinger inaugurating the Innovation Institute

As a major driving force of innovation in industrial design, CIDA is shouldering heavy responsibilities. In recent years, it has undertaken the training of professional leaders within MIIT, training for entrepreneurs from different provinces, and training for civil servants in collaboration with local governments. Currently, it is preparing for the professional certification of industrial designers and international exchange of professionals — a compatible and complementary approach to the work of DeTao Design Masters. This is set to solidify the promising future of the Innovation Institute.


DeTao's dual tasks are clear: to nurture professionals through education and undertake key projects. With 500 Masters having entered into an agreement of cooperation and a further 1,000 set to join, DeTao is on track to creating and 'effective market', exerting immense benefits to cutting-edge industries and the country.


Innovation would of course be baseless without strong corporate support or stable institutional and policy incentives. The Innovation Institute will thus combine and utilize the great strengths of CIDA and DeTao in order to generate power with their unparalleled edge.

Three Majors of the Innovation Institute

The Innovation Institute will provide education and training for professionals in the cultural creative and design service industry to help meet the demand of pioneering industries for innovative professionals. Education and training will be provided on a market-oriented basis and aligned with the strategic goals of China’s rejuvenation through talents.

The education provided by the Institute covers, but is not limited to, design innovativeness across industries, design management capabilities, brand design capabilities, and professional certification of design innovation, training for entrepreneurs, and the facilitation of international exchange. Efforts will be made to nurture all-round leading professionals and discipline-specific professionals across all industries and levels.


1.Training Backbone Professionals


To utilize the industry resources of CIDA, Master resources of DeTao and the influence generated by the training of leading professionals to provide backbone professionals of SMEs with strategic, forward-looking, practical, and comprehensive training that highlights industrial design.

Develop a comprehensive curriculum integrating discipline-specific and industry-specific training. Courses and lectures will be given by world-class industry Masters, renowned professors in China, and successful entrepreneurs. Study visits will be arranged to well-established enterprises and locations across China.

Prospective Trainees

SME VPs, department managers, core corporate managerial staff members and other backbone operational professionals within enterprises. Operational and managerial professionals within promising small & micro growth enterprises.


Features of Training

• Integration of discipline-specific and industry-specific training. Cooperation of local and international faculty members.

• Develop a comprehensive education framework combining discipline-specific and industry-specific training. The faculty will include top industry Master, celebrated Chinese professors and successful entrepreneurs. Advanced international education philosophy will be pursued while nurturing interdisciplinary and innovative industry elites.

• Multi-dimensional interactive learning mode and brainstorming joined by both teachers and students.

• Education will be delivered through classroom teaching, lectures, case studies, situational simulation, and study visits to well-established enterprises. Students will be given opportunities to high-level wisdom sharing and dialogue with renowned experts and scholars.

• Gather quality resources of industries and study visits to well-established enterprises.

• Integrate plans for the use of quality resources within the industry, organize study visits and interactive activities with well-established enterprises and industry parks.

• One-stop communication and exchange platform, excellent post-graduation service

• Following graduation, students will be provided with a communication and exchange platform throughout in order to maximize resource integration and project cooperation opportunities. Solutions will be offered and the corporate innovation of the students will be facilitated.


2.Professional Certification


Courses target university students (including preparatory course takers) and design amateurs. DeTao’s global vision and cases of well-established enterprises will be featured throughout. Certified students will receive a certificate jointly presented by CIDA and DeTao Masters which will enhance graduates' advantage in the increasingly competitive job market.


Certificate Receivers

Initially, certificates will be limited to students of design or relevant majors. Later, design amateurs will also be included.

Advantages of the Certificate

• Personal teaching by internationally renowned teachers

• Comprehensive testing involving real-world case studies

• Integration of design and management

• Dual focus on capability and industry

• Joint endorsement of institution and Masters

• High recognition among well-established enterprises

• Combination and mono-certification and dual-certification

• Support of online assessment software


3.Overseas Study Project


The overseas study project is a short-term exchange course tailored to managerial staff members in corporations and public institutions.

This project features innovation in corporate management and highlights innovative design courses, academic discussions, classroom teaching, and study visits to well-established enterprises. Students will have full exposure to the essence of innovative management adopted by US enterprises while learning innovation philosophies. All in all, the research of design management innovation trend will become accessible.


Project Planning

The project will be open to more countries and regions, tailoring courses to the need of enterprises and providing a quality international exchange platform for China’s corporate reform and development.


Project Features

• Superb faculty – Disciplinary training provided by celebrated professors and entrepreneurs

• Open and interactive workshops – Academic teaching and free discussion

• Visits to high-end exhibitions – Follow cutting-edge technology, communicate the latest trends and industry prospects

• Visits to influential enterprises – Close contact with world -class companies to discuss winning strategies

• A glimpse of the American culture –Professional team leaders with insights into American local culture and features 

First Batch of Vice Presidents of CIDA- DeTao Innovation Institute

Professor Soon-In Lee: DeTao Master of Industrial Design and Management, Co-President of International Council of Societies of Industrial Design, President of Seoul Design Center.

Professor Florin Baeriswyl: DeTao Master of Brand Strategy & Design, overall space designer of international air travel facility, co-founder of the design & architecture agency DAI AG.

Professor He Xiaoyou: Guest Vice President of China Industrial Design Association, Vice President of Nanjing University of the Arts and China Teaching Seminar of Art and Design Major.

Professor Zhang Tong: Vice President of Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, Council Member of CIDA, Vice President and Secretary General of Shanghai Designers Association, Director Design Art Committee of Shanghai Artists Association, Vice Council President of Shanghai Industrial Design Association, and Editor of China’s Design magazine.

Mr. Yao Yingjia: Vice President of Lenovo, Vice President of CIDA, and one of the Top Ten Prominent Youths of Chinese Design Industry, 2005.

Professor Ying Fangtian: Deputy Dean of International Design Institute of Zhejiang University, Guest Vice President of CIDA, Professor/Doctoral Supervisor of Zhejiang University, Dean of Department of Information Product Design, and Executive Deputy Director of CAD Product Innovation Design Engineering Center, Ministry of Education.

Mr. Wu Jian: General Manager of Innovation Design Center, Haier Group, and Vice President of CIDA.

Mr. Liu De: Vice President of Beijing Xiaomi Technology, former Dean of Industrial Design Department, University of Science and Technology Beijing, former Partner of Beijing New Razor Design, and former of Rethink Concept (LA), US.

Professor Tang Zhongjia: Former Deputy Dean of Guangdong Industrial Design Institute, Vice President of CIDA, Dean and Professor of School of Fine Arts & Design, Guangzhou University, Member of Industrial Design Art Committee of China Artists Association, Vice Chairman and Executive Member of Industrial Design Branch of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society.

Professor Xie Youbo: DeTao Master of Design Science and among the first Fellows at Chinese Academy of Engineering, May, 1994. Currently Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Xi’an Jiaotong University, Director of Academic Committee, State Key Laboratory of Tribology, Tsinghua University, Director of Internet-Based Collaborative Research Center on Modern Design and Manufacturing of Ministry of Education of China.

Mr. Xiao Ning: Vice President of GAC Toyota Motor

Professor Mathis Heller: DeTao Master of Automotive & Industrial Design, Chief Designer at WeLL Design, one of the leading design agencies in Holland, recipient of several Red Dot Design Awards and iF Design Awards.

Professor Robert G. Eccles: DeTao Master of Sustainable Strategies, Chairman of SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board). One of the 8 honored members of ACCA (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) since 1999, and Tenured Professor of Management Practice at Harvard Business School.

Mr. Ding Changsheng: Chairman of Newplan Design, recipient of several ‘Academy Awards in Design’. First Chinese recipient of Red Dot Best of the Best Award for the melting-snow self-rescuer, and first Chinese recipient of iF Product Design Award with his age-friendly mobile phone. In 2012, the upgraded age-friendly mobile phone received the iF Design Award in Germany for a second time, becoming a regular winner of top prize in the world’s industrial design sector.

Professor Dirk Wynants: DeTao Master of Durable Product Design, world-renowned furniture and equipment designer, founder and Artistic Director at design agency Extremis.

Professor Michael R. Hoffmann: DeTao Master of Environmental Science and New Materials, well-known environmental scientist in the US and Member of the US National Academy of Engineering, now working as Professor of Environment Science at California Institute of Technology, Chair of International Conference on Photochemical Conversion and Storage of Solar Energy (IPS).

Professor Kwok Keung Bernard Hon: DeTao Master of Advanced Machinery Making Systems, world-renowned machinery manufacturing expert, serving as international adviser to research entities in India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia and the US. The author of over 100 scientific publications and holding 2 patents for invention

Dr. Allan S. Hoffman: DeTao Master of Biomaterials and one of the key names in the industry. Fellow of the US National Academy of Engineering, Emeritus Chair Professor at Department of Bioengineering, University of Washington.

Professor Witold Pedrycz: DeTao Master of Computational Intelligence, Professor at Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Alberta, Canada, Foreign Member of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, and Fellow of The Engineering Institute of Canada., In 2013, he was awarded the Killam Prize for his numerous pioneering influential contributions in the field of Computational Intelligence.

Professor Ivan Stojmenovic: DeTao Master of Wireless Networks and Full Professor at the School of Information Technology and Engineering, University of Ottawa, Canada., Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, Member of the Academy of Europe, Fellow of the IEEE, and recipient of the Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award, UK.

Professor Thomas Speh: DeTao Master of Supply Chain, Professor at Miami University and Director of E-Learning Programs at the Farmer School of Business of the university. Recipient of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professional’s Distinguished Service Award in 2007 and the Warehousing Education and Research Council’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2008.