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Inspiring Business Leaders and Enhancing Corporate Efficiency

Professor Lars Kolind (fourth from left in front row), Professor He Xiaofeng (fifth from left in front row) and all the students

(Beijing, May 19)  On May 18 and 19, the first academic seminar of Professor Lars Kolind, DeTao Master of Leadership and Strategy, was held at the School of Economics, Peking University. A total of 24 senior corporate executives participated, including Executive Director of Goldman Sachs Gao Hua Securities, General Manager of Guoxin Group, President of Beijing Lanxum, Vice President of Hopu Investment and President of Huajian Group of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He Xiaofeng, professor at Peking University and DeTao Master of Financial Investment and PE (Private Equity), was also invited to the seminar. He commented after the event that “We have finally found the Master we’ve been looking for!”

Professor Kolind covered a number of items in the two-day seminar and opened lengthy debates with students. Topics included thinking patterns of industrial and knowledge management, industrial and knowledge economy under the competitive situation of market, UNBOSS – the innovative thinking pattern of managing in the knowledge economy, the three key mechanisms of UNBOSS (target over interests, infinite organization structure, structure to mechanism and implementation) and how to apply UNBOSS concept into Chinese corporation. He integrated theory with practice and inspired students to approach conventional corporate management modes and organization structures.

When it came to the essence of UNBOSS, Professor Kolind explained how it could help corporate partners in generating increased value through synergy and in turn inspire a passion for corporate ambitions. Meanwhile, enterprises would allow them broad space for development. It would tailor posts to each individual in the overall corporate framework, encourage them to assume more responsibilities and devote themselves to work instead of merely accomplishing tasks assigned by the management.