DeTao converges 500 global masters, providing international expertise in a Chinese cultural context
to enhance creativity, innovation, and business opportunities


DeTao Masters Academy —— Be Ahead

Founded in 2006, the DeTao Masters Academy (DTMA) is a subsidiary of DeTao Group and is renowned throughout the industry for its diverse faculty comprised of international masters and full range of talent cultivation solution suites.

Based on the core values of wisdom, collection and heritage, DTMA has assembled an unrivaled force of hundreds of industry masters, each esteemed for both industry experience and academic stature, from over 30 countries including inventor of Apple’s Snow White design language Hartmut Esslinger, well-known artist, designer, educator and scholar Pan Gongkai, leading Japanese rock garden designer Shumyō Masuno, architect of the Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge Haim Dotan, director of Friends and Hannah Montana Roger S.Christiansen, and forefather of musical theatre in China Li Dun, among many others. This distinguished group includes 47 academicians from national science and engineering academies around the world, nearly a hundred professors with famous universities including Oxford, Harvard and MIT, and winners of over 3,360 top industry accolades and honors in 155 categories such as the Red Dot’s Best of Best Award, iF Gold Award, Academy Award and Emmy Award.

DeTao establishes workshops and studios for its masters, undertakes commercial project operation, and at the same time leverages on the DTMA Research Institute to harness the wisdom of these masters and pass on their industry experience and implicit knowledge in the most scientific and systematic manner. Combining eastern philosophies with international industry trends, and integrating an original academic system with worldwide wisdom, DeTao cultivates innovative and multifaceted talents needed by China’s future development.

Academic disciplines at DTMA are concentrated in fields such as arts and design, film, television and animation, smart technology, ecological environment, innovation and entrepreneurship, and cultural communication. DTMA offers systematized curriculum design and holistic academic solutions to aid higher education institutions and education organizations to augment their level of internationalization and standard of education and teaching.

DTMA is committed to providing international expertise in a Chinese cultural context to enhance creativity, innovation and business opportunities.


Hundreds of global industrial leaders from more than 30 nations and regions

47 academicians from institutions including the National Academy of Engineering, Royal Society and Academy of Science of the Royal Society of Canada

90 professors from world-class universities like Oxford, Harvard and MIT

Winners of over 3,360 top industry honors in 155 categories

Completed research and development of 12 majors and 35 academic tracks

Completed research and development of 230 major courses ,22 online courses

More than 200 partner higher education institutions at home and abroad

Established six teaching centers in Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Hainan, Cichuan and Hong Kong

Set up four overseas centers in Oxford, Bangkok, Los Angeles and New York City

DTMA explored by Asia’s first recipient of Quality Platform Provider certification from the Council of Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA)

Recipient of the Asian Education Contribution Award from the Education Forum for Asia

Recipient of the Top Innovation Award (TIA) from the World Industrial Design Conference (WIDC)

DeTao became the chief collaborator of the Grand Challenges Scholars Program of Peking University

SIVA·DeTao School of Design established on the collaboration with SIVA

SIVA · DeTao Advanced Class selected as a case study in the educational reform in Shanghai

Recipient of the first prize of Shanghai Municipal Teaching Achievement

    Wisdom Collection Heritage
    Be Ahead
    Building International Expertise at Home
    Providing international expertise in a Chinese cultural context to enhance creativity, innovation and business opportunities
    The best of class selection process to create the unique content essential for quality results


Wisdom is the power that develops civilization. At DeTao we contribute to human progress by gathering important elements of the world’s developing wisdom in a systematic and scientific way. We aim to preserve important parts of this heritage and use it to enrich lives. The essence of the heritage is to empower us to use an appropriate variety of scientific methods, perspectives and creative inspiration to solve real problems.

The wisdom that society has developed in order to expand industry is especially important. De Tao believes that the experts (masters) who drive a wide variety of industries and professions have accumulated enormous wisdom. We are bringing together leading masters from around the world representing many fields. These masters will share their advanced knowledge with apprentices in a sophisticated learning system that goes beyond conventional degree studies. Putting special emphasis on the sharing of tacit knowledge, we seek to nurture professional elites with unique specialties and thus help the development of enterprises that depend on such expertise.

The masters, students, technologies and capital to build up DeTao will come from all over the world. The concept of the Masters Academy originated in China but aims to have worldwide influence with its unique semi-public, semi-commercial and open business approach. The DeTao Masters Academy is dedicated to improving enterprises and institutions and thus contributing to the harmonious development of the society.