Provide multiple educational services such as research, design,
international exchange, financial services, industry consulting, etc


Advance education and pedagogy research
Develop high-quality course curricula

Educational Administration Research

Based on its in-house think-tank of world-renowned experts and vast network of industry resources, the DeTao Masters Academy (DTMA) continually researches top-notch educational administration and education management models from both East and West. While meeting China’s national education policy and curriculum requirements, DTMA provides clients with specialized curriculum development, course planning, education quality supervision, assessments of student and teacher performance, and other services.

Course Research

Course development is oriented toward meeting emerging industry demand and aims to foster innovative student talent while maintaining compliance with China’s educational policy requirements. Based on the years of accumulated teaching and industry experience of industry masters, DTMA integrates international course design models with domestic syllabus criteria to offer course development for college and secondary schools.

Education Market Research

Through extensive first-hand market research and data analysis, DTMA has developed a holistic analysis of the overall market volume, competitive patterns, market demand features, and key enterprises in China’s educational marketplace today. Based on this research, DeTao helps enterprises understand current consumer demand and development trends in China’s education sector. DTMA’s research enables enterprises to develop market strategies, brand promotion strategies, and sales strategies that can help them precisely seize these emerging market opportunities.