Domains of expertise:
design, fashion, art, business, animation, film and etc.



The DeTao Master Lecture program is a high-end lecture series co-founded by DTMA and renowned universities and provincial libraries, cultural centers in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. The series is aimed at college students and professionals keen on building their knowledge of cutting-edge innovation in a variety of fields. The program has successfully hosted over 300 lectures to date.   


Speakers come from 25 countries, cover more than 20 major industries and 60 sub-fields, and include more than 500 top-notch industry leaders. Among them are the former Secretary-General of UNESCO, the founder of Apple’s design philosophy, Fellows of the Royal Society (UK), a member of the National Academy of Engineering (US), a photographer from National Geographic, a Hollywood film score composer, the chief architects of several national pavilions in the 2010 Shanghai EXPO, among others. The lectures cover such topics as design, architecture, the arts, digital media, animation, society, humanity, science, technology, culture and creativity, etc. Lectures cover up-to-the-minute trends and match the pace of industry innovation by focusing on science and technology and people’s daily lives. As such, the DeTao Master Lectures have been highly acclaimed by universities and the general public.