Domains of expertise:
design, fashion, art, business, animation, film and etc.


O+O (Online plus Onsite Learning) is a brand new teaching and learning model put forward and adopted by DeTao Education. Based on the platform of DeTaoX (, O+O promotes a more efficient and convenient learning mode for students by merging the advantages of online teaching and onsite instruction in an interactive way.
  • Introduction Introduction
    O+O Double-Tutor Courses are mainly lectured online, aiming at enhancing communications between academies and institutions from home and abroad.
  • Length of Courses: Length of Courses:
    Generally speaking, online tutoring is supposed to endure 16 (or 32) class hours and the onsite class hours can be arranged by university teachers according to the syllabus. It is advised that the ratio of online class hour to onsite part should range from 1:1 to 1:3.
  • Objectives & Advantages Objectives & Advantages
    To assist universities and colleges to introduce courses lectured by leading experts in the world, develop first-class disciplines with international standards and thus enhance their reputation abroad.
  • Course Resources Course Resources
    The O+O courses cover a wide range of areas, e.g. innovation, entrepreneurship, general knowledge, sinology and K12. Up till now, the following courses have been successfully developed: Innovative Design Theory and Methods, Taoism and Its Applications, UX and Service Design, Managing Creative Teams, Creative and Critical Thinking, Tools for Creative Leadership Thinking, Industrial Big Data Analytics & Industry 4.0 Transformation, PE Investment, Mobility and Urban Development, History of Architectural Theory, Theory and Practice of Animation Technology in Games and Films, etc.
  • Cooperation Model Cooperation Model
    We have our DeTao Masters do the dominant design for all of the O+O courses in the form of online videos together with online quizzes and exercises, online queries and on-site instructions.
  • Cooperation Cases Cooperation Cases
    Besides, DeTao Education will collaborate with National Institute of Education Sciences (a research branch of the Ministry of Education of China) to promote “Taoism and Its Applications” , of which Professor Zhengkun Gu, DeTao Master of New Sinology, headed the course design, among the middle and elementary schools nation-wide.
"Micro-courses", based on mobile internet, is an educational program launched originally by DeTao Education in the year of 2016. Lectured by leading talents and experts around the world from 62 different fields in the form of short videos on mobile internet platforms like WeChat. The courses, which are precise in design, pretty in visual effect and professional in content, are customized for enterprise employees, especially the white-collars, to satisfy their requirement of improvement on professional skills and enlargement of the extension of the knowledge in their spare time. The Micro-courses are closely related to such subjects as lifestyle and personal interests and focus mainly on themes including art, fashion, health, design, animation, films and TV, etc.
0nline+Onsite (O+O) Course <Innovative Design Theory and Methods>


0nline+Onsite (O+O) Course