Provide multiple educational services such as research, design,
international exchange, financial services, industry consulting, etc


Global masters provide high-quality
educational space design services


In building DTMA’s research on cutting-edged educational methods, we have closely examined the influence that educational space exerts on student behavior and learning. Client specifications for educational space design vary widely by student age, subject area, educational policy standards, class size, space diversification, ‘Smart-Classroom’ digitalization, comfort, and modular flexibility. Based on client needs, DTMA can design appropriate class size, room size, wall color, seat arrangement, spatial divisions, and sound management system, thus creating an excellent study environment that inspires student creativity.

In addition to providing architectural design, DeTao is also dedicated to integrating new technology with education and combining information technology with educational methods and practices. It provides holistic environment design, sets up every section of the classroom according to educational requirements, and establishes immersive virtual study environments, virtual classrooms and Smart classrooms. At the same time, DeTao introduces proprietary intellectual technology and equipment into the design and construction of its educational environments. Currently, DeTao is working with China’s Education Sciences Research Institute on the future of school construction, school space design, curriculum design development, and educational management approaches, among other projects.