Provide multiple educational services such as research, design,
international exchange, financial services, industry consulting, etc


Build interactive platform to promote
educational resource exchange and transformation

Based on the resource network provided by DeTao’s top masters in various industries, DTMA has established collaborative relationships with many world-class universities, research institutes, industry associations, industrial clusters, etc. This vast network enables DTMA to help clients, foreign schools and universities, and enterprises establish and develop exchanges and collaborations among one another. The DTMA network also provides training and advanced overseas learning opportunities, organizes international study tours, workshops, and international academic conferences, and convenes academic summits and high-end industrial training courses on a regular and semi-regular basis.
Currently, DTMA conducts international exchange collaborations including the “Technoetic Arts” doctoral program in conjunction with the Planetary Collegium in Plymouth University. (UK) The Planetary Collegium DeTao doctoral node is the only Planetary Collegium node established in Asia. The program includes 4 years of doctoral research supervised and administrated by Plymouth University. Upon successful completion of research and examination by the requisite academic committee in the UK, Plymouth University will issue a doctoral degree certificate recognized by both China and the UK.

DeTao Masters are currently supervising the development of the bachelor and masters degree programs in dance choreography, to be jointly offered by the Communication University of China and Queens College, City University of New York, USA. This new program is highly anticipated and is expected to become a featured program at the Communication University of China. In addition, DTMA has conducted educational collaborations with the Australian National University, West Flanders University of Belgium, Ritsumeikan University of Japan, and the University of Southern California. (USA)