Domains of expertise:
design, fashion, art, business, animation, film and etc.



In terms of curriculum development, Master-led courses combine theory with practice and academic research with cutting-edge developments in their respective industries. Masters integrate lectures, seminars, practice projects, and presentations into project-based learning modules that allow students to acquire theory, practical skills, and problem-solving methods within a short period of time, thereby significantly increasing students’ broad base of skills.

  • Course Introduction Course Introduction
    Course Introduction: An advanced global course featuring a unqiue learning process prepared by Masters and an international teaching team.
  • Course Length Course Length
    One week or several weeks as an intensive course, depending on the needs of the collaborating university. 32 class hours is considered one week’s classes.
  • Target Student Profile Target Student Profile
    The collaborating university may introduce one or more DeTao courses to supplement their existing course offerings or to kick-start a new academic discipline.
  • Course Resources Course Resources
    Course Resources: The DeTao Masters Academy offers courses in industrial design, architectural design, branding and maketing, start-up management and innovation, art, film, and TV, to name a few. As well as offerings in core subjects, students can also benefit from quality-orientated education or customised courses such as team management, critical thinking, mental health, and leadership building.
The intensive course divides content into modules that focus on particular topics or subject areas. Class outings will be organized according to opportunities in specific locations. Course curriculum is flexible, and students can select modules of interest to form their own customized learning path. In terms of scheduling for colleges and professors, instructors can choose to offer the entire course in one or more contiguous weeks, or distribute the weeks throughout the semester. 32 class hours remains a standard class-week for each course.