Provide multiple educational services such as research, design,
international exchange, financial services, industry consulting, etc


Provide solution for clients through
innovative applications of knowledge capital


DeTao’s various platforms include education and training, scientific and technological development, industrial transformation, capital operations, and financial and industrial project investment. Through its platforms, DeTao explores diversified application of knowledge capital and is establishing a new collaborative system that interfaces directly with China’s evolving markets. Through market models that combine “education + industry,” DeTao Masters Academy (DTMA) aims to extend education into the market, cultivate emerging industry-specific talent, and provide comprehensive solutions for a New Normal in the education business in China.

Focused on the DeTao Masters’ wisdom in the domains of design, art, business, fashion, animation, and film, DeTao transforms this wisdom into master patents, master technology solutions, master product solutions, master planning solutions, etc., all in a Chinese market and cultural context. These knowledge capital resources help serve various levels of governmental departments and enterprises by providing brand strategy consultation, industrial plan consultation, operation and management consultation, product design and production, and other services, so as to help industries and corresponding government departments to put wisdom into practice during market transformations.

Currently, DTMA has provided the governments of Songjiang district in Shanghai, Guizhou province, Sanya city, Zhejiang province, Xiamen city, and others with regional development plans, city branding strategies, industrial development strategies, natural capital development strategy plans, and other services.