Visual Communication Design—— Branding,Identity and Public Space

Branding,Identity and Public Space

Program Introduction

China's recent complex developments on a social, economical, cultural and political level forms the starting point of the new SIVA·DeTao Advanced Class curriculum `Branding, Identity & Public Space'. The time that branding was equally regarded as a logo or a visual identity, or advertising, or marketing is now behind us. Branding, Identity & Public Space is more. It's about values, needs, lifestyles, personalities, expressions and confidences.

Training Goals

The intent of the program is to introduce branding as a key player in the public area and to shape a thorough understanding of the meaning of design in connection to the world around us. A main component in this program is to act creative but with strategic reasons; combining both left - and right brain thinking.
In our four - year program we would like the student to share and learn, connect and embrace, acting as a team member and as an individual at the same time. The student will question the unquestionable, cross borders, direct and redirect.

Curriculum Description


During these years we will follow a basic structure in which the student will gradually face seven phase criteria, all being present consecutively (and simultaneously) while running the various projects. In outline:

- Criteria 1: Research
- Criteria 2: Strategy development
- Criteria 3: Concept and idea development
- Criteria 4: Design development
- Criteria 5: Implementation development
- Criteria 6: Presentation development
- Criteria 7: Preparation and final presentation

During the educational program the students will explore and deepen their (unknown) talents and specialized in a field that fits their character, interest. The student will approach design assignments in their own personal way, unbiased and open. We distinguish four different educational programs: Head Program, Focus Program, General Program & Additional Program.

Career Prospective


Within our four - year program, we teach the students how to deal with different aspects of the design process. We bring them several competences that will help them further in their professional career. At least, the following skills are covered in their study:
- Systemic insight
- Entrepreneurial character
- Creative depth
- Complexity of community
- Multidisciplinary collaboration
- Conscious act towards the market
- Conscious act towards the society
- Innovative power
The students will develop professional skills, but in general we will teach the student how to become an all-round person. Therefore, after completion of education, the student will be able to work in various fields of industry. Most likely in positions, such as: brand designer/manager, communication designer, marketing & PR manager, strategic (brand) consultant, advertiser, product developer, researcher, trend watcher, artist, free-lancer and many more.


Selection of students

We are looking for students with a bright, open mind, a lively and authentic character, positive and energetic, being able to work hard and at the same time both learn and contribute to the course. Due to the international nature of this program, a good understanding of English language is essential.

In order to be admitted to the advanced class, the student need to be in possession of a diploma of a secondary school education.
The selection procedure consists of 3 phases. In these phases we will reflect upon different qualities, such as: passion/drive, creative ability, communication skills, organizing capacity, sense of color/shape and material, contextual insight, personality and work ethic.

Teaching team
  • Michel de Boer
    Michel de Boer
    Founder of MdB Associates, laureate of D&AD Golden Awards

    Founder of MdB Associates, laureate of D&AD Golden Awards
  • Min Wang
    Min Wang
    One of the pioneers in China’s art design and art education

    One of the pioneers in China’s art design and art education

Master Studio